Tuesday, July 20, 2010

'Friends of Art History' at McMaster University

The Friends of Art History was founded in 2010 to offer a series of events for its members and the general public. Our goal is to promote the appreciation of Art History at McMaster and in its broader community. The Friends is an international organization that spans all ages and includes current students, faculty, alumni/ae, and the general public. Donations support: a visiting speaker’s series, visiting professionals who foster career development for students of Art History, and an informal program of Art History lectures for a general audience. The Informal program's inaugural lectures by Professor McQueen will take place in September 2010 (Rembrandt) and January 2011 (Van Gogh).

McMaster was the first university in Canada to offer Art History courses and these began in the 1930s with a Carnegie grant. As is the case for many universities today, it is not possible for budgets to sustain activities in all areas. The Friends of Art History seeks to offer support for education in the discipline and to foster Art History events for students and the community.

In order to become a Friend we accept annual individual donations for as little as $10 to enable students and recent graduates to join. All donors are encouraged to give beyond that amount and donations of $30-$50 and higher will help to enhance activities. For annual Corporate Membership donations we request a minimum of $100. Corporate members receive a certificate recognizing their donations. All donors receive a letter and names are included on the website and in promotional materials when desired. Anyone interested in Art History is welcome to join!

Visit the Friends’ website: www.humanities.mcmaster.ca/~ajmcq/friends.html

Thank-you for your interest in Friends of Art History at McMaster!