Thursday, February 28, 2013

Bennett Miller @ Mac

As many of you are now aware we will be having a guest artist visiting on Monday March 4 @ 3:30 pm., in the New Space (TSH 114) here at Mac. Bennett Miller is an Australian artist best known for his performance installation, Dachshund U.N. (now being presented at Toronto's Harbourfront Centre: ). The discussion on Monday will present a great opportunity to ask Miller about his interests and the challenges of staging large-scale works that require extensive coordination with the community at large. For those who are interested in knowing more about Miller's work I will provide (in my next post) some links relating to the Dachshund U.N. and some of his previous works in Australia.

ART HIST 3S03: Assignment Info

In response to the general question regarding the focus of the 3S03 assignment:

The outline indicates that the introduction and chapter one set out the general argument of the Meiss text. In this respect these two parts of the book will remain the focus as you are being asked to critically assess the strengths and weaknesses of the author's thesis. Since your critique must address relevant points raised by Meiss to support his argument (some of which may convince while others may not) you may need to go beyond these initial parts of the book.


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Re: Missed Tests for ART HIST 3S03 and 2A03

If you are among the students who missed either the ART HIST 3S03 test or the ART HIST 2A03 / CMST 2I03 test please carefully note the following:

Deferred take-home tests will be distributed in class at the beginning of next week (February 25...). In order to write your deferred test you must ensure that you have completed an MSAF form (as indicated on your course outline). These forms are automatically sent to me.

To obtain your copy of the test please see me at the end of class on either Monday (Feb. 25) or Tuesday (Feb. 26) depending on the applicable course.



Sunday, February 10, 2013

ART HIST 2A03 / CMST 2I03: Visual Literacy Test

Note: A reminder that the test is scheduled for tomorrow (Monday Feb., 11), in class (beginning at 9:30 am.). The test is 30 minutes in length with only one question and one corresponding image.

I have received a few emails regarding the format of the test question. Please note that the image will be a familiar one from lecture. The question will expect that you understand the following key terms discussed in class:


The question will centre on issues addressed in relation to the given image during lecture. In the course of your response you will need to demonstrate the depth of your understanding of those issues (as they apply to the image) and your ability to work with the terms above (as necessary). Remember that this is not simply an exercise in rote memorization. You are being asked, as always, to demonstrate your critical thinking about the material.

The test image will be identified for you.

All the best and may the road rise to meet you...