Tuesday, December 9, 2014

ART HIST 1A03; Remaining Papers

I still have some unclaimed papers (assignments and test). Remaining papers will be available for pick-up at the SOTA office (TSH 114) beginning Thursday December 11.


Sunday, December 7, 2014

ART HIST 1A03: Final Exam Format (Recap)

As noted during the final class, I am posting the format for the exam (see below). There were many opportunities for discussion in the tutorials and the final class review on Dec. 3, so I will NOT be posting further sample questions or extra comments on study strategies here.


The exam will be two hours in length. There will be three parts. Each part will have one question (so, three exam questions in total). The total allotted time for the first two parts will be sixty minutes (thirty minutes for each part). Students will need to answer the questions using full sentences. Part three will have an allotted time of sixty minutes as the question will require a longer response than parts one and two.

The value of each part will be set as follows:

PART 1: (one question) 30%
PART 2: (one question) 30%
PART 3: (one question) 40%

For each question students will be required to use examples of work from the lectures, readings and / or tutorials to illustrate their comments. For parts one and two there will be a MINIMUM requirement of two examples that must be used in each response. For part three students will need to reference a MINIMUM of three examples. ALL EXAMPLES USED IN RESPONSES MUST INCLUDE TITLE, DATE(S), ARTIST or ARCHITECT (if known) and LOCATION (place of origin).

Good luck to everyone!